“Somewhere Else Tonight” by Mansions on the Moon

MOTM SWETIt’s difficult to predict a band monikered Mansions on the Moon –but that’s probably intentional. By collaborating, producing, and touring with a slew of hip-hop artists (N*E*R*D, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa respectively) the Hollywood-based act has defied labels and blurred genres, but it can be agreed that they really just want to make you dance. Their self-titled debut album drops on October 22nd and judging by its latest leaked track, “Somewhere Else Tonight,” it’ll deliver the highly anticipated brand of infectious dreamscape electro-pop that only this eccentrically hip quartet could conjure:

Mansions on the Moon will perform at The Satellite on August 14th along with Lena Fayre, Bravesoul, and Intergalactix.

Mansions on the Moon’s Official Site, Mansions on the Moon on FacebookMansions on the Moon on TwitterMansions on the Moon on InstagramMansions on the Moon on Soundcloud

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