“Gold Blooded” by Wrongchilde (EchoDroides remix) (Premiere)

IMG_3894When Mat Devine (frontman of Kill Hannah) moved from New York to Los Angeles, he embraced the sunshine and naturally pivoted his music’s digi-tendencies from goth to pop. The result is the side-project Wrongchilde, whose debut album, Gold Blooded, was recently released via Sad Bat Music with guest appearances by Gerard Way (formerly of My Chemical Romance), Morgan Kibby (of White Sea and M83) and Sierra Kusterbeck (of Versa). Its title track is a soaring indie rock anthem with synth pop layers and here’s Devine’s comments on its inspiration:

“I left New York on one of the bleakest, grayest winter days and the second I got to L.A. it was like a blood transfusion; the sunlight, the openness –it was so inspiring. I wrote this song on that day and it just symbolized everything I was feeling: The need to keep the spirit of youthfulness alive. A battle cry against all of the things that try to snuff out the fire inside us.

The kids’ dialog in the bridge was stolen from the 1963 film version of Lord of the Flies. The lyrics were inspired by a crazy beautiful week I spent on the ocean with friends –painting our faces, feeding wine to horses, exploring ancient smuggling tunnels, jumping off cliffs… just being wild and feral.

Being raised in the brutal winters of Chicago, I never thought I’d ever be in a California-based band but Wrongchilde came together so organically out here. Like it was always meant to happen.”

Enjoy this remix of “Gold Blooded” by producer duo EchoDroides:

Wrongchilde’s Official Website, Wrongchilde on FacebookWrongchilde on TwitterWrongchilde on InstagramWrongchilde on YouTubeWrongchilde on TumblrWrongchilde on Soundcloud

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