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“Wasteland” Music Video by Sympathetic Frequencies (Premiere)

Sympathetic_Frequencies_VHSSympathetic Frequencies returns by leaking the first single, “Wasteland,” off their forthcoming second EP. The indie rock song is a steady build-up of reliable guitar tones which crescendo into a chorus of fierce fuzz:

“I am a wasteland now.”

And here’s its apt music video:

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“I Don’t Speak Los Angelese” by John Helix (Premiere)

John Helix Pubicity PhotoJohn Helix is an English professor by day, but by night he writes retro-tinged pop rock out of his Golden Hill bedroom. He self-describes his sound as weltschmerz (German for “romantic sadness”) and naturally claims the late great Elliott Smith as a primary influence. Here’s his tongue-in-cheek single, “I Don’t Speak Los Angelese,” which is leaked off his sophomore album Chronic Happiness dropping March 5th:

John Helix: Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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Santoros, L.A. Witch, Colleen Green, The Abigails (Show Pics)

L.A. WITCHSantoros, L.A. WITCH, Colleen Green, and The Abigails recently performed at Alex’s Bar.


And Minivan Photography was there to shoot the show.

Minivan Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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“Too Late” by Blanche

photo 5Blanche is the new project by folkster Steffaloo and electronic producer Nknwn which spawned when the former recruited the latter for a track on her collaborative album Heart Beats. Their synergy sparked so well that they returned with a shared moniker and a debut EP entitled One. The release’s three tracks showcase lush vocals woven in between experimental digi-effects of beats and synths. But the most intriguing aspect of this duo is that they have never met as Nknwn refuses to reveal his identity and only communicates via email. Here’s their riveting “Too Late”:

Blanche: Soundcloud, Bandcamp

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Kayslee Collins (Show Pics)

Kayslee CollinsKayslee Collins recently performed at Bar Lubitsch.


And Minivan Photography was there to shoot the show.

Minivan Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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“Can’t Get Enough” Music Video by THRILLERS

thrillers-5599THRILLERS, the brother duo of Jeremy and Gregory “Floyd” Pearson, returns by releasing a music video for their electro R&B track “Can’t Get Enough” off their forthcoming debut EP Cotton Candy Kisses (Manimal Vinyl). Based on the cult film Weird Science and purposely edited with lo-fi glitches, the video is ripe with nubile nostalgia:

THRILLERS: WebsiteFacebookTwitterYouTubeSoundcloud

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“Let’s Go Through” by My Double, My Brother (Premiere)

My-Double-My-Brother_Angi-WelschMy Double, My Brother is a rare band of heart. What started as a few college friends playing in an old church in Whittier is now a solid act following in the footsteps of Cold War Kids via earnest passion and wholesome appeal. Behind the local music scene of raucous garage rawk and surf pop, SoCal life also carries a soul and it’s this voice that the quintet channels on their forthcoming second album Shelves. Recorded with producer Jon O’Brien, the record is due next year but for now here’s “Let’s Go Through”:

My Double, My Brother will perform at The Satellite on January 12th along with Wildling.


My Double, My Brother: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandcampSoundcloud

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“Stable” Music Video by Kid Cadaver (Premiere)

ZM9A2858Our favorite trio from The Valley, Kid Cadaver, returns with a music video for their single “Stable” off their self-titled debut. Almost completely shot as a oner, the video circles the band as they perform the indie-pop rock track with reliable zeal and twitchy effects.

Kid Cadaver: WebsiteFacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTubeTumblrBandcamp, Soundcloud

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David Bazan, American Football (Show Pics)

David BazanDavid Bazan and American Football recently performed at The Fonda Theatre.


And photog Tajna Tanovic was there to shoot the show.

Tajna Tanovic: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

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“Colors” by Genevieve

SHOT_07_170Genevieve, the former frontwoman of Company of Thieves, has returned as a popster. Now living in a haunted house in Hollywood, she recently leaked the track “Colors” off her debut EP, Show Your Colors, dropping March 10th via Wind-up Records. She claims the release is inspired by “the simplistic beauty hidden amidst the everyday, like cross-country car rides, quiet libraries, airports, the ends of phone calls, and the beginnings of movies” –perhaps explaining why the song’s barrage of pop punches deliver an emotional extol of vitality:

Genevieve will perform tomorrow (December 16th) at The Hotel Cafe.


Genevieve: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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