“Gearin’ up for Desert Daze” w/ Feels


Psych punk act Feels will perform at the 4th annual Desert Daze on May 2nd…


…so Free Bike Valet and MINIVAN Photography recently visited the band at their Echo Park practice space to shoot some pics and ask frontwoman Laena Geronimo some questions as they rehearsed for the upcoming music fest.

What can you tell us about this practice space?

“It’s basically an apartment that’s been used as a practice space for like twelve years. Warpaint used to practice here coincidentally enough. Tashaki Miyaki are friends of ours and brought us in like two years ago. There’s usually four bands total sharing it. Funny thing is it’s right next to the entrance to the Echoplex and there are a lot of windows. Anyone walking by can hear you loud and clear so whenever there’s a line of people it’s more like playing a show than a practice which is kinda weird if you’re working out new material or whatever. There’s also a tax guy in the building who called the cops on us last week. I guess cause it’s tax season and he’s stressing? But it’s a great spot. We feel very at home here.”

Your previous band, Raw Geronimo, performed at the first Desert Daze which was infamously eleven days long. How’d that go?

“Phil [Pirrone] called me on the phone one evening and spent about an hour sharing his ideas for this amazing festival he was putting together –all about the heart and the music! And I told him that of course we’d be happy to get involved. It was pretty insanely ambitious that first year –eleven days! I actually played with Raw Geronimo, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Black Apples so I was there for four days and it was so crazy fun. During the Raw Geronimo set, someone in the audience took a photo of me which we ended up using as the cover of our album Dream Fever weirdly enough.”

To you, what has Desert Daze become?

“Magical desert times!”

How did you feel when you were asked to join the lineup this year?

“Very happy.”

How are you preparing yourself?

“I don’t foresee doing much preparing myself. Couple jugs of water I guess? But our bass player Amy [Allen] is a total survivalist and I’m sure she’ll make sure we don’t leave anything crucial behind. She’s probably looking up how to slay sandworms right now. Mike [Rudes] will bring lots of sunscreen. Shannon [Lay] will bring snacks. Bandanas are a good idea!”

What can we expect from your set on May 2nd?

“Everything we’ve got.”

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