A1iH0lLKFQhw3eiTuTHuJqz7PjINPrB3C9ABJCog64s,QN0K0EwEkUMjGOg_WMBOho4l1btdkU77SQUv8EEMBPw,vJXRrQHS8TLxZX9rT_VShz7RaMkObA-Rj-Ssn8GQIzoWhen artists reinvent themselves, they often attempt to clandestinely hide their previous persona (i.e. May Jailer before Lana Del Rey) –but not Franklin Village denizen Jessie Poland. As LACES, the songstress brazenly slain Charlotte Sometimes for the sake of collaboration. No longer writing solo, she has recruited producers and deejays for her self-titled debut EP dropping on June 9th. Her second leaked single, “LIV IT UP,” is an edgy pop banger with digi-beats and dark synths proving that unleashing your inner Mr. Hyde just means more fun.

And here’s its lyric video:

LACES: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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