Northern American (Interview)

Untitled-1Northern American recently released their debut album, Modern Phenomena, via Heist or Hit Records. So MINIVAN Photography and Free Bike Valet visited the band at The Continental Room to shoot some pics and ask frontman Nate Paul some questions.

How does it feel to finally have your debut full-length out?
“It feels like we’ve got a huge weight off our chests. Once you put it out there, it does it’s thing. It’s totally unpredictable where it will go and that is something that excites us.”
How did you choose the album’s title Modern Phenomena?
“We couldn’t help but look around and realize we’re in some sort of surreal virtual reality. What you see is all.”
How did you come to work with producer Raymond Richards?
“He was introduced to us through Jacob [Summers] of Avid Dancer. We had just played The Echo and were all hanging backstage talking about recording and the universe. Jacob subsequently introduced us the next day via email to Raymond and the next thing we knew we were cutting tracks.”
How do you collaborate as a band?
“We write together in a way that we would paint collectively on a canvas. We each have our own colors and we paint on the canvas with mindfulness toward the bigger picture. We try to bring out the best in each other.”
Does this make the recording process arduous?
“The recording process is very chill. The only arduous part of recording is in regards to getting the right tones. Raymond usually got the tones fairly quickly on the record which generally made for smooth sailing.”
Did SoCal living have an influence on this album?
“Yes, absolutely. Driving on the PCH with the windows down feels just as good today as it did when we were sixteen years old. It’s a timeless feeling that never loses it’s effect. That feeling, indirectly, is what we hope to convey through the music.”
You’re signed to Heist Or Hit Records based in the UK. Why are you so big in England?
“Heist or Hit Records has been the best thing to happen to us. Their support and hard work has really put us on the map. Our dream was to always get out of L.A. as fast as possible and Heist coming along was a dream come true.”
What can we expect from Northern American next?
“We’ve got a west coast tour planned in late July. We’re hoping to fly over to the UK soon after. We’ve got another music video thats on the way. And in the time in between, we’re always working on new material.”
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