Beach Party booked for July residency at The Echo (Interview)


Garage surf rawkers Beach Party recently booked July’s Monday night residency at The Echo (RSVP via DoLA).


So Free Bike Valet and photographer Sheva Kafai (House After House) hung out with the band throughout Echo Park to shoot some 120mm pics and ask bassist Adam Arcos some questions.


What made you decide to do a residency?

“We just finished recording a new EP, Ripper, which we will be releasing at the end of this month. It’s been awhile since we’ve released any new material and we’ve held back on playing shows lately so the residency is a good chance for people to come out and see us and hear our new stuff.”


Why did you choose The Echo?

“I think The Echo is a milestone for any kid growing up in L.A. to want to play a show at. Everyone passing through L.A. on tour played on that stage at one point in their career. It’s the biggest small venue if that makes any sense.”


Who are your opening bands?

“Still ironing out some of this but right now our friends The Buttertones featuring Sean [Redman] from Cherry Glazerr, Wild Wing, The Pesos, and Cg Roxanne and the Nightmares which is Marlon [Rabenreither] from Gold Stars new band.”

What other Los Angeles-based bands do you admire?

Ty Segall is an insane machine putting out so much good music it blows my mind. Chad who plays with Ty in Fuzz is amazing as well as his main project Meatbodies. Also FIDLAR, Bleached, Tijuana Panthers –but I think they’re actually from Long Beach, Cherry Glazerr, Together Pangea, No Parents… there’s so much good music coming out of L.A. right now it’s hard to keep up. Oh and technically X are still active. So X.”

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

“Just finding one another before a show is difficult enough. I don’t think we’d ever have time for a ritual.”

What can we expect from your set every week? 

“It’s gonna be loud and it’s gonna be fun. We’re playing a bunch of new songs we haven’t played for anyone yet so we’re pretty excited about that.”

What do you hope to gain by doing a residency at The Echo?

“Just to have a good time.”

What are you looking forward to the most? 

“Playing with a bunch of rad bands and friends.”

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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