“Bayonet” Music Video by Beca (Premiere)

BLUwings-2244afterBefore the popster Beca moved to Larchmont Village from New York last year, she recorded her debut LP, Ecliptic, with producer Morgan Wiley (of Midnight Magic). Its first leaked track, “Bayonet,” is a nu-disco dance track infused with an electro pop edge and her signature “bubblegum bass.”

“Heartbeats are racing, your eyes are gazing.”

For the single’s music video, Beca recruited her own sister, Zoe Schack (another L.A. transplant), as director and Erica Jaffin from Edit 1 as creative director/vfx designer. The result is a mesmerizing coalesce of fluid dance moves, contrasting light, and dazzling special effects. (And it’s not a coincidence the video was released on the celestial event “New Horizons At Pluto.”)

And here’s its “making of” video.

Beca: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr

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One thought on ““Bayonet” Music Video by Beca (Premiere)

  1. Harvey says:

    Fantastic!! Great job Edit One and Zoe Schack. Congratulations! Would like to see more Video’s of Beca’s talents.

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