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“Tether” Music Video by Sleep State (Premiere)

SLEEP STATE PRESS 2Sleep State is a new Silver Lake-based indie rock act fronted by the very talented Troy Ritchie. Their forthcoming self-titled debut EP was sporadically recorded late at night in a small space behind a karate studio. The result is five tracks of unabashed, optimistic groove pop. And as long as they can make you dance or smile, we think they’ll feel triumphant. Here’s their second single “Tether.”

“Forget all that you knew.”

And here’s the single’s music video which is split between the band hitting up their favorite local spots in Silver Lake (where they snagged a table at Hyperion Public) and performing in an old high rise building off Skid Row:

Sleep State continues their July residency at The Silverlake Lounge tonight (July 20th) and will perform the Wednesday night residency at Los Globos in September.


Sleep State: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Bayonet” Music Video by Beca (Premiere)

BLUwings-2244afterBefore the popster Beca moved to Larchmont Village from New York last year, she recorded her debut LP, Ecliptic, with producer Morgan Wiley (of Midnight Magic). Its first leaked track, “Bayonet,” is a nu-disco dance track infused with an electro pop edge and her signature “bubblegum bass.”

“Heartbeats are racing, your eyes are gazing.”

For the single’s music video, Beca recruited her own sister, Zoe Schack (another L.A. transplant), as director and Erica Jaffin from Edit 1 as creative director/vfx designer. The result is a mesmerizing coalesce of fluid dance moves, contrasting light, and dazzling special effects. (And it’s not a coincidence the video was released on the celestial event “New Horizons At Pluto.”)

And here’s its “making of” video.

Beca: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr

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“Who Ever Said” Music Video by Valley Queen (Premiere)

valley-izzo6Bands such as Valley Queen are too few and far between. The Silver Lake-based act began when Arkansas native Natalie Carol first collaborated with guitarist David Donaldson on a natural fusion of roots rock, Southern soul, and Motown blues. Here’s their latest single, “Who Ever Said,” off their forthcoming debut LP.

”’Cause I’m your rock ‘n’ roller and you’re my sunshine man.”

And here’s its appropriate music video split between the band performing and snippets of young couples drunk on love.

Valley Queen will perform on July 17th at El Cid.


Valley Queen: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Tree Lined Streets” Music Video by Leroy Ryder (Premiere)

02050023Leroy Ryder claims to make the “sleazy, opium-infused beach music your grandma warned you about” –but there’s nothing to fear about his bedroom, psych-pop indie rock. The Echo Park denizen recently released his debut EP, Casual Encounters, which opens with the trippy-turned-funky track “Tree Lined Streets.”

“You know this town, it drives me crazy.”

And here’s its equally bizarre yet invoking music video directed by Joey Breese.

Leroy Ryder: FacebookYouTube, BandcampSoundcloud

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“NO AGE” Music Video by October’s Child (Premiere)

OCTOBERSCHILD_001October’s Child returns by leaking the first single, “NO AGE,” off their forthcoming debut EP. The track highlights the coed duo’s natural ability to produce a pristine ambience via gentle strums, stirring strings, and Britt Warner‘s reliably lulling voice.

“I was born in the desert, where delusions run wild.”

And of course, the song deserves an equally majestic music video. Directed by Eric Berry, the video was primarily shot in Death Valley from sunrise to sunset “to emphasize the contrast between the earthly and otherworldly, captivity and liberation.”

October’s Child will perform on July 7th at The Virgil.


October’s Child: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeTumblrSoundcloud

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“Comatose” Music Video by NÉONHÈART

NH SMOKENÉONHÈART is the collaborative project of singer-songwriter Christina O’Connor and producer HAOO. Working out of a bedroom studio in Hollywood, the coed duo recently leaked their first single, “Comatose,” off their forthcoming debut EP Awakening. The track is a steady indie pop track with O’Connor’s breathy, ethereal vox gliding over electrifying synths and driving digi-beats.

“Would you stay one more night?”

And here’s its riveting music video directed by Marta M. Dymek and starring Alexzandria Jade.

NÉONHÈART: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcoud

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“Cry For Me” Music Video by HUNNY

_MG_0309HUNNY returns with a music video for their danceable, funky indie rock pop single “Cry For Me.” Directed by Timothy Garrett, the vibrant video features kooky skits mocking retro infomercials of late night yore.

HUNNY continues their June residency at Bootleg HiFi on June 8th.

June 8

HUNNY: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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“Sea of Green” Music Video by Rosechild (Premiere)

Rosechild-Dec-13-2014-113Rosechild began shortly after singer-songwriter Haile Meirow moved to L.A. from the Rocky Mountains and met guitarist Joshua Martinez. The duo privately collaborated for a year before declaring their moniker and recruiting a rhythm section. Their debut EP, Remedies, was self-recorded at their compact Glendale-based studio and mixed on analog tape by engineer Pete de Boer. The result is a soul-based fusion of psychedelic passion and raw rhythm that conjures an uncanny 90’s alt-rock vibe which is blatant on their single “Sea of Green”:

And here’s its live performance/very wet music video:

Rosechild: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TumblrSoundcloud

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“Cyanide Lollipop” Music Video by Emily Gold (Premiere)

EmdreamyEmily Gold returns by releasing a music video for her dream-pop/grunge-fuzz single “Cyanide Lollipop” off her forthcoming debut LP Recluse. Shot and edited by her drummer, Sean Draper, the apt video features a hedonistic, polygamous, bohemian “Lollipop Cult” which Gold and her band successfully infiltrate and poison.

The Emily Gold Band will perform on June 22nd at Hams & Egg Tavern.

hamandeggs flyer

Emily Gold: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandcampSoundcloud

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“Bees” Music Video by Smoke Season

smoke_season_press3Smoke Season continues to awe by releasing a stellar music video for their latest leaked single “Bees.” The coed duo went DIY by constructing their own “honeycomb LED light installation” to give the shoot a hypnotic, psychedelic effect in between screen projections of varied natural scenery. The result is a spellbinding experience which aptly suits the song’s brooding pulse and soaring chorus.

Smoke Season: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeTumblrSoundcloud

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