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“Runaways” by Stephen Bradley

IMG_1355Stephen Bradley has had an amazing career as No Doubt‘s faithful trumpeter/keyboardist, but he decided to impress us again by releasing his first solo EP Runaways. The Oakland native claims the four songs were inspired by the “transient and frenetic energy of Hollywood” after moving to the outlandish neighborhood. And thanks to help from co-producer Javan Slagle, Bradley was able to capture a smooth, modern amalgam of glitch pop, soulwave, and neo-jazz such as on the title track:

“Yeah I like the way it feels…”

Stephen Bradley: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“2000 Seasons” by The Seshen (Astronauts, etc. Remix)

seshenphoto3_732_532The Seshen is a sonically diverse electro-soul septet who blend live instrumentation with digital textures –or as they call “beat-driven compositions with a strong emotional core.” On July 17th they will release a remix collection, Unravel Remixes EP, of their debut EP released last year via Tru Thoughts. And for the last track, “2000 Seasons,” they recruited fellow Oakland denizen Astronauts, etc. to conjure a cosmo-infused synthscape:

The Seshen will perform on August 17th at Bardot for School Night!


The Seshen: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, BandcampSoundcloud

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“Never Going Home” by Hazel English

hazelenglishHazel English is the sobriquet of Oakland (by way of Sydney) denizen Eleisha Caripis. After working with producer Jackson Phillips, she plans to release her debut EP this summer and judging by its title track, “Never Going Home,” it’ll be bursting with lo-fi jangle pop ideal for coastal road trips. Best Coast who?

“Turn the lights out when you’re leaving.”

Hazel English: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Faux Accords” Music Video by Futurebrite (Premiere)

ROCKFuturebrite formed due to a chance encounter between Oakland denizen Karen Kanan Correa (vocals) and Brooklynite Josh Grant (production) on an airplane. After their current projects faded out, the coed duo decided to collaborate in Grant’s studio overlooking the East River. What spawned was beat-heavy electro pop with a dark edge but also melodic enough to redeem itself as romantic.

Their debut EP Futurebrite Part 1 (the first in a series of three) will be released on June 11th and was mixed by Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, Bruno Mars). The music video for their second single “Faux Accords” superbly compliments the song’s mood by striking and spraying bursts of fireworks over a deep dark night:

Free Bike Valet wanted to learn more about the making of the video so we asked Correa a few questions:

Was this music video just an excuse to release your inner child and play with fireworks again?
“Slow. Mo. Fireworks. What’s better than that? Bright, beautiful, cinematic.”
Did you burn yourself while filming?
“Not much. Though it was a challenge to get close to the big ones because your brain is telling you ‘No’ but your heart is saying ‘Yes!'”
Where was this video shot?
“We shot the big fireworks in Pacifica, CA at a closed orchid farm at night. The other sparkler shots we did on the beach at night in Oakland.”
Who directed it?
“There really was no director. It was kind of a group effort. Different people shot different things, I edited it and then I had a friend do some effects magic. It takes a village…”
Will you now use fireworks while performing “Faux Accord” live?
“Yes. Although I believe this will get me kicked out of most clubs everywhere. C’est la vie!”

Future Brite’s Official Website, Future Brite on Facebook, Future Brite on Twitter, Future Brite on YouTube, Future Brite on Vimeo, Future Brite on Soundcloud, Future Brite on Instagram

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“I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About” Music Video by Ash Reiter

ash-reiter_1At some point, Ash Reiter was a quaint school teacher touching young minds at an elementary school in Oakland, but then her inner muse possessed her to pursue music full-time –or maybe her drummer boyfriend (Will Halsey, also from The Blank Tapes) had some influence. The Temescal denizen recently released her second album Hola (20 Sided Records) that is chock-full of more breezy pop tracks that evoke sunshine rays and insta-frolicking (apparently she refuses to let the Bay Area‘s brisk fog affect her songwriting mood). Director Christine Hucal shot a music video for the single “I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About” that shows what your social life might be like if accompanied by a giant clumsy rabbit:

Ash Reiter will perform with Li Xi and Couches at a 20 Sided Records’ showcase this Thursday at Origami Vinyl.

Ash Reiter’s Official SiteAsh Reiter on FacebookAsh Reiter on TwitterAsh Reiter on Bandcamp

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“Shadow Of A Man” Music Video By Jhameel

ckJqtThere’s a new funky kid in town and he has a fondness for war paint. Having just moved from Oakland, the now Echo Park denizen named Jhameel has accosted the Los Angeles indie scene by pretending it’s a dance floor. His songs are blatant pop and are delivered with such an instinctive rhythm and fierce sincerity they can’t be ignored. He is currently working on a new album for Spring of 2013 but he recently shot a powerful music video for the equally intense track “Shadow Of A Man” –a story of domestic abuse that is too often real:

“I know you’ve known him for so long, but the one that you love is gone, and left is a shadow of a man…”

Jhameel has a residency this month at the Bootleg Bar but you can also catch him at The Central this Tuesday with Zak Waters and Sharkitecture.


Jhameel’s Official Site, Jhameel on Facebook, Jhameel on Twitter, Jhameel on YouTube, Jhameel on Soundcloud

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