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“BTS” Video Number One w/ Fiona Grey (Premiere)

image010Preceding her new single’s (“What You Want”) release on August 5th, the realiably lovely popster Fiona Grey has decided to share a short series of “BTS” (or “behind the scenes”) videos. Grey explains:

“These videos were shot at my home by Jancarlo Beck very casually; two friends talking about my release and the things that inspire me. I was preparing to play the Troubadour alongside Kitten and it would surprise me at how there would be times I would forget I was being filmed. I want these videos to give my fans a small insight into my private life and to show them my creative process because without them these experiences wouldn’t matter.”

Fiona Grey: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“I Was Born” by Ghost Lit Kingdom (Premiere)

photo_42121Ghost Lit Kingdom is a quintet of South Bay kids who aptly label their sound as “anthemic indie rock.” What began as an acoustic side project soon became a collective of solid musicians focused on creating a natural, melodic collaboration of acoustic sonics, intertwining coed vocals, and an epic swirl of passion. And once again they deliver with their latest leaked single “I Was Born.”

“Push the soul away.”

Ghost Lit Kingdom will perform on July 30th at The Troubadour.

GLK July30 flyer v2 (1)

Ghost Lit Kingdom: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandcampSoundcloud

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“Tether” Music Video by Sleep State (Premiere)

SLEEP STATE PRESS 2Sleep State is a new Silver Lake-based indie rock act fronted by the very talented Troy Ritchie. Their forthcoming self-titled debut EP was sporadically recorded late at night in a small space behind a karate studio. The result is five tracks of unabashed, optimistic groove pop. And as long as they can make you dance or smile, we think they’ll feel triumphant. Here’s their second single “Tether.”

“Forget all that you knew.”

And here’s the single’s music video which is split between the band hitting up their favorite local spots in Silver Lake (where they snagged a table at Hyperion Public) and performing in an old high rise building off Skid Row:

Sleep State continues their July residency at The Silverlake Lounge tonight (July 20th) and will perform the Wednesday night residency at Los Globos in September.


Sleep State: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Vivre Sa Vie” by ghostporn (Premiere)

gp picAs ghostporn, Kenny Carranza and Tasia Trevino might have the dopest band moniker ever. The Little Armenia denizens began the project on a dare and have since evolved the act from “raw, acoustic beginnings” into “lush, emotional [indie] rock.” Their moody, debut EP, Dream Songs, was recorded by Joel Jerome and released via Lolipop Records late last year, but the couple has already returned by leaking the psychedelic, fuzz single “Vivre Sa Vie.”

“My chest caved in, but I did not complain.”

ghostporn will perform tomorrow (7-18) at Non Plus Ultra.


ghostporn: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TumblrBandcamp, Soundcloud

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“(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” Lyric Video by Cemetery Sun (Premiere)

AdamDillon_CemSun-30Cemetery Sun is a Sacramento-based act hell-bent on edgy alt-rock meshed with intense, melodic-pop soars. They recorded an album’s worth of material in guitarist Elliot Polokoff’s parents’ garage but for now they plan to release their self-titled debut EP via Intrigue Music this September. Their first leaked single, “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love,” is an epic, solid testament of what’s to come.

And here’s the song’s lyric video:

Cemetery Sun will perform on July 18th at The Press Club.


Cemetery Sun: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Like You” by RYWOLF (Premiere)

WONT TELL NOONEAs RYWOLF, Zach Palmer and Chrys Ryan “just wanna see you move yo body.” The Venice Beach-based duo recently collaborated with veteran producers Guy Roche and Steve Diamond on their upbeat, forthcoming debut EP Rocket Pop. The result is a five song collection they aptly describe as a “funk-infused, soul-laced debut of dance jams, anthems of hazy nights, and sweat-soaked hair.” And each track is smoothly led by creamy falsettos which alternate then harmonize such as on “Like You.”

“We can’t be friends no more.”

RYWOLF: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Bayonet” Music Video by Beca (Premiere)

BLUwings-2244afterBefore the popster Beca moved to Larchmont Village from New York last year, she recorded her debut LP, Ecliptic, with producer Morgan Wiley (of Midnight Magic). Its first leaked track, “Bayonet,” is a nu-disco dance track infused with an electro pop edge and her signature “bubblegum bass.”

“Heartbeats are racing, your eyes are gazing.”

For the single’s music video, Beca recruited her own sister, Zoe Schack (another L.A. transplant), as director and Erica Jaffin from Edit 1 as creative director/vfx designer. The result is a mesmerizing coalesce of fluid dance moves, contrasting light, and dazzling special effects. (And it’s not a coincidence the video was released on the celestial event “New Horizons At Pluto.”)

And here’s its “making of” video.

Beca: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr

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“When You Left” Visual Video by Two Sheds (Premiere)

2shedsBandTwo Sheds may have NorCal roots (and former members of Release the Sunbird, Port O’Brien, and Far), but now the band spends most of their collective time on Caitlin (vocals, guitar) and Johnny (bass) Gutenberger’s front porch in Eagle Rock. The creation of their sophomore album sparked when Caitlin wrote a plethora of songs over two days and all due to a dare. She later live tracked some of those songs with a band (including contributions by Mike Sempert) at Elliott Smith’s former space New Monkey Studio. The result is Assembling (Crossbill Records) –a raw collection of echoing indie rock unafraid to expose its folk soul or unleash its majestic potential. Here’s the album’s final track “When You Left.”

“I went deaf when you left.”

And its vintage visual companion:

Two Sheds continues their Tuesday residency tomorrow (July 14th) at Harvard & Stone.


Two Sheds: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, BandcampSoundcloud

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“Lonely Prisoner” by A Yawn Worth Yelling (Premiere)

KS-AYWY-124A Yawn Worth Yelling is a San Jose-based quartet making zany-pop indie rock laced with buoyant, melodic harmonies. The young dudes just leaked another single, “Lonely Prisoner,” off their forthcoming fourth EP Play Pretend.

“So take a look in a mirror…”

A Yawn Worth Yelling performs on July 17th at The Elbo Room.

image A Yawn Worth Yelling: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TumblrBandcamp, Soundcloud

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“Who Ever Said” Music Video by Valley Queen (Premiere)

valley-izzo6Bands such as Valley Queen are too few and far between. The Silver Lake-based act began when Arkansas native Natalie Carol first collaborated with guitarist David Donaldson on a natural fusion of roots rock, Southern soul, and Motown blues. Here’s their latest single, “Who Ever Said,” off their forthcoming debut LP.

”’Cause I’m your rock ‘n’ roller and you’re my sunshine man.”

And here’s its appropriate music video split between the band performing and snippets of young couples drunk on love.

Valley Queen will perform on July 17th at El Cid.


Valley Queen: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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