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“One Last Love Song (So He Says)” by Padorr

Press Pic 1Padorr is a young cat chilling in Venice Beach and creating a dope fusion of jazz guitar, trip-hop beats, and indie soul croons (all à la G. Love & Special Sauce). His latest leaked single, “One Last Love Song (So He Says),” is off his forthcoming debut EP, Digital Antique, (dropping July 31st via Javi Records) and opens with a steady stroll of strums, scats, and snares before starting a deep, reflective confession.

“Tryin’ to live with devils no more.”

Padorr: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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“Like You” by RYWOLF (Premiere)

WONT TELL NOONEAs RYWOLF, Zach Palmer and Chrys Ryan “just wanna see you move yo body.” The Venice Beach-based duo recently collaborated with veteran producers Guy Roche and Steve Diamond on their upbeat, forthcoming debut EP Rocket Pop. The result is a five song collection they aptly describe as a “funk-infused, soul-laced debut of dance jams, anthems of hazy nights, and sweat-soaked hair.” And each track is smoothly led by creamy falsettos which alternate then harmonize such as on “Like You.”

“We can’t be friends no more.”

RYWOLF: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Coffee” by Scavenger Hunt (Cover)

scavengerhunt_photo_02Scavenger Hunt returns by giving Miguel‘s electro-soul single, “Coffee,” a more downtempo, retro-synth vibe. Even though the lyrics are verbatim, this version reflects as if vocalist Jill Lamoureux is singing the soothing track from a woman’s like-minded perspective via her oh-so-lush vox.

Scavenger Hunt: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Mood Ring” by Filligar

Filligar_pressshotFilligar drops their new album, Keepsakes of the Interior, tomorrow (5-19) via Decade Records. Recorded in a turn-of-the-century gondola garage in Venice Beach, the album is a steady, solid collection of passion-driven indie rock lacquered with the misty overcast ambience of June Gloom. Here’s the enveloping “Mood Ring”:

“Took off running through the wide open gate…”

Filligar‘s record release show is on June 3rd at The Satellite.


Filligar: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud

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“Girl You Can’t Hide It” by FEiN

Photo 1Venice Beach duo FEiN (pronounced “fine”) returns by leaking the first single, “Girl You Can’t Hide,” off their second EP, FEiN Times (Issue #2), dropping March 30th. They claim the song is about “a crumbling marriage, staying together for the kids, infidelity​, and crazy saxophones.” But what they forget to mention is its gung-ho approach to electro funk pop and falsetto vocals:

FEiN: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TumblrSoundcloud

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“Let It Burn” by Magic Giant (Premiere)

photo_38591With a mission statement to “move bodies and souls,” Magic Giant is a band of merrymaking. In the same vein as Miner, the Venice Beach quartet blasts folkcentric anthems via an arsenal of instruments including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, horns, and diverse percussion. Their latest leaked track, “Let It Burn,” is off their forthcoming EP and is a reliable sing-along ripe with energetic, optimistic passion. Turn it up loud and dance.

“Rivers run dry, alright; Soldiers may cry at night, bridges could fall, that’s life; Seasons will turn, so let it burn.”

Magic Giant is currently on tour.


And will perform at the Troubadour on February 14th.


Magic Giant: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TumblrSoundcloud

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“Lifeboats” Music Video by Soft Swells

softswells_01Soft Swells‘ self-titled debut album seamlessly layered indie rock with pop tones, but their new EP Lifeboats (Modern Outsider) floats to an even higher level of jubilation.


Band founder Tim Williams blames the songs blatant optimism on “falling in love and finding true happiness” as he split the recording between his Los Feliz apartment and in the UK with producer Dave Lynch. The group is currently working on their sophomore LP, but for now you can enjoy the music video for the EP’s title track which was shot around Venice Beach and features pro surfer Bree Kleintop.

Soft Swells will perform on May 5th at The Echo along with Pillar Point, The Mercy Beat, and In The Valley Below.


Soft Swells’ Official Site, Soft Swells on FacebookSoft Swells on TwitterSoft Swells on InstagramSoft Swells on YouTube

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“Late Nights” Music Video by Brown Shoe

brown_shoe-press_photo1_color_credit_arrica_roseAlmost a decade ago, brothers Ryan and Aaron Baggaley packed up their Venice Beach apartment and moved back to their hometown of Folsom that was once made famous by a Johnny Cash concert. They recruited a childhood friend and their baby brothers to fill out a new lineup and dubbed themselves Brown Shoe. Three albums and several national tours later, the band returns with The Wild Horse. Recorded at Pus Cavern by Joe Johnston (Cake), the album is an escalating runway of anthemic pop rock. Halfway through the recording process, Ryan was hospitalized due to a fluke blood infection. His on-again off-again girlfriend visited him, but ultimately left him before he was released. The tracks are overall ethereal and often soar, but hidden beneath are the themes of heartache and healing. Here’s the video for the pop-sensible “Late Nights” that was directed by Brent Lasala:

Brown Shoe’s Official Site, Brown Shoe on Facebook, Brown Shoe on TwitterBrown Shoe on Bandcamp

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“San Francisco” by The Mowgli’s

themowglis002highAfter growing up in The Valley, The Mowgli’s washed up on Venice Beach and became a roots pop rock collaborative fused together by a collective optimistic outlook and super sunny soul. The octet consists of three guitarist/vocalists, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboarder, a percussionist, and of course a female vocalist. Their folky wall-of-sound is a cross between a less depressed Milo Greene and a more serious Grouplove that manages to capture the energy and essence of the entire West Coast –from brisk fog to warm sand. Their EP Love’s Not Dead was recently released on Photo Finish/Island Records and its first single, “San Francisco,” is currently being played at San Francisco Giants‘ games. Check out its animated lyric video here:

The Mowgli’s will perform at Dakota Lounge  this Friday night along with The Diamond Light. You can purchase tickets here.


The Mowgli’s on Facebook, The Mowgli’s on Twitter, The Mowgli’s on YouTube, The Mowgli’s on Bandcamp

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“Teardrops” by La Mer

1338929861_IMG_1302The chanteuse known as La Mer is a self-described “gritty hula girl” living in Venice Beach. That may be her day job, because at night she becomes a pop songstress refusing to let her songs become monogamous to a single genre (pop rock, soul, electro). Accenting each of her tracks is a lulling voice that has the uncanny ability to be angelic and sexy at the same time. Currently working with producer Andy Kravitz at his Venice Beach studio, her new album will be released next Spring. But for now you can enjoy the dreamy soul lullaby “Teardrops”off her self-titled debut EP:

La Mer will perform tonight at The Central along with Zak Waters, Cayucas, and Monte Mar.


La Mer’s Official Site, La Mer on Facebook, La Mer on YouTube, La Mer on Vimeo, La Mer on BandcampLa Mer on Soundcloud

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